Item#:  ST001
Ships in 1-2 weeks
This is the Satiator cartridge to use with a Sega Saturn.

This little cartridge jacks into the Video CD port of your Saturn, and lets you play all your games off an SD card!
No screwdriver and no soldering required - just plug and play. It's designed so you can close the Video CD door with the SD card installed, for a completely stealth install.
A slide-away pull tab makes it easy to pop it out and move it between systems.
  • Easy install: just open the door and slide it in
  • Works with all Saturn models, including with modchips or region mods
  • Works with all RAM/ROM cartridges that go in the top slop; usable with AR cartridges.
  • Supports all multi-disc games
  • Supports huge SD cards! Tested up to 1TB, fit the whole library
  • Takes full-size SD cards, or microSD with an adapter. A1/A2 class cards recommended
  • Transfer save games between Saturn and SD card (using third-party software)
  • Made in USA
Satiator does not emulate the Video CD functionality: you can't play VCDs on your Saturn using the Satiator, and the MPEG version of Lunar: Silver Star Story is not supported.

The Satiator ships from the USA. Buyers are responsible for any import taxes and fees levied by the carrier.